Burt’s Bees Print Advertisement

During my studies at the University of Idaho I worked remotely with a team of 5 students spread across the US to create an integrated media communications plan for Burt’s Bees. We were challenged by our professor to promote their little known line of baby products and reverse a declining sales trend. To help smooth out the process of working remotely, we all selected a specific role within the team to focus on. Because of my design and project management experience I took the roles of team leader and graphic designer. I created our project management system, kept us ahead of deadlines, and developed the design strategy and print collateral for the campaign.

ClientTwitter (Student Work)ServicesPrint Design, Graphic Design, Marketing StrategyYear2016

I started the design process by looking at Burt’s current branding, looking to find their voice and visual style. I knew that whatever we created had to fit with their existing branding and campaigns, and wasn’t intended to push the brand in a new direction. Our goal was to promote an existing product line, not set the tone for a new one. From my research I found a few consistent elements that make up the Burt’s branding: The Ochre shade of yellow, honeycomb patterns, serif fonts, and a friendly tone for the copy.

We weren’t provided with a media kit, so I downloaded product images from the Burt’s website and masked out the background of each image. I then scaled and arranged them to look like they were shot together, and applied layer effects to give the composition some depth and make it look more realistic. To keep the look consistent with their existing branding I pulled a honeycomb pattern from their website and an ochre color from their product labels.

Campaign Concept, flexibility of idea, placement


I drafted a print ad that follows a format reflected in our other campaign collateral: an overlay of the tweet on top of an image, with the tweet referencing the subject matter of the photo. This format is flexible and can be adapted to any number of momentous events happening in the world.

This ad was drafted in the weeks after the Cubs won the World Series, when there was a lot of excitement about their recent victory. Our campaign focused on the ability to watch things play out in real time, and Twitter users would provide a first person account of the Cub’s (some called it destined) victory.


  • Flexible creative strategy allows for consistent recognizable theme across mediums